Cities and EU to boost sustainable digital transformation in Europe

More than 60 EU, national, regional and city leaders have today signed a political declaration, pledging to contribute to a voluntary joint investment plan to boost sustainable digital transformation in the EU.

Mayor of Turku signs the declaration

Turku already signed the declaration JOIN BOOST SUSTAIN which aims to advance the scale-up of urban digital solutions and human-centric approach to improve citizens’ quality of life! "In Turku we commit to implement the dataprinciples and the principles of the declaration as part of our data guidelines. This will guarantee the best possible usability of our city data”, says Mayor of Turku Minna Arve.

Principles and European values

Everybody who signs the declaration agrees on the underlying principles and values. These principles and values are the foundation of a sustainable digital transformation. They provide a clear direction, but only if they are widely accepted, adopted and applied in practice.

Ambassadors video’s

Support the ambition behind the declaration to join forces to boost sustainable digital transformation in cities and communities in the EU? Broaden your knowledge and network about new digital services, technologies, infrastructures and skills.

Introducing will be the label, the identity from which we will further shape this collaboration. Following the principles and European values and use all assets that the existing networks already have led.